The Requiem

February 14th, 2007 by klauz

The RequiemWe really enjoyed Euskal Party 5 and I think that from that year all of us filled a gap in our lifes. We were excited to be part of a movement like the demoscene, despite that we still didn’t have much experience, anyway… In those years we also enjoyed playing games, particulary “Warcraft 2″, and this was a kick in the butt to our new production “The Requiem”. Two weeks before Euskal Party 6 while we (elric and klauz) were supposed to be working in the demo, we were trying to conqueer each other territory. But that was not all, hlod-wig had a car accident and he had to stay in the hospital for some days, and I also broke one of my toes. While in the party we did what we could, but not enough. The demo was released one week after the party.


?? (PC demo) at Euskal 6 (August 1998).

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